One of these sweet girls was selected as very deserving recipient for a super fun, princess level photo shoot with a gorgeous Bentley and Lace gown (and gorgeous head piece from Maya's Curls) as a part of the Bentley and Lace Project Compassion and I had the honor of doing their shoot for them.  Their mama beautifully shared a little bit of their story and why they are 150% deserving of an evening of princess attire and photo shoot all for them ...

"She is a sweet and gentle soul that came into a very difficult world. She had a very hard time as a tiny baby. She was adopted at the age of two and has struggled with various learning disabilities and coming into her own. She is one of the rare ones who is effortlessly herself. She is kind, gentle and has such a zest for life. She has more enthusiasm in her pinky finger then most do on their entire body. I nominated her because she has such a love for princesses that I wanted her to feel like the princess she is!! In a world where everyone wears a mask, it’s a privelage to see a soul."

While only one of these gorgeous girls was nominated for the project, they were BOTH absoultely deserving.  So, we had some fancy dress fun and then some fun that suited everyone involved to make sure a super fun evening was had by all.  Go ahead, see for yourself!  :)

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